Holding Together



Reach me

And stir

New ideas!

Help me 

Be a part

Of helping 

People help

The world.

World, the people help you

Because by helping 

They hope to bring forth

Epochs of conceptual embrace

With you – an Harmony.

Words flow in a world

Where people help.

In helping, people

Live in epochs of ideas.

These ideas

Are capable

Of stirring  worlds.


Let my ideas flow

Into the world

And help people

To help each other.

May my time

Be an epoch

Of great feelings

And ideas.

May my words

Stir minds

To transcendence.

For I to make Art everyday

I must be of a transcendent heart.

Everyday I will act as a channel

Of Energy and History.

These are the well-springs of my creativity.

It’s a gritty thing this coursing of the Tao.

I’ve set my will to lightening

Hearts and Intelligences.

I’ve set my mind to adding

Everyday, another piece

Of the puzzle.

The territories of my intuition

Wait to be explored.

My thoughts and feelings

Are my conveyance.

I’ve developed some pretty unusual


I will try to convey them to you.

The texture of  my ideas

begs dramatic enactment.

Mallarme’s chance is never diminished.

But the cosmos ‘packets’ chance.

Devotion is the vehicle by which

Chance is nourished.

Devotion creates a ‘charge’

That draws chance.

Devotion builds charges of energy.

These charges effect chance occurrence.

Every day learn to give.

Devotion is a bridge across the void.

The intuitions we have

In our lives 

Are the core and mind of matter.

(C) Tobeimean Peter 2012


Late summer sunset at Naval Base Everett.


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