There is symmetry

To the human mind. There

Is a sphere of Perception.

Our physiological structures

Allow us perception.

We perceive with eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, etc.

We utilize the dual hemispheres of our brains.

These are lateral.

We also have a symmetric perception of Time.

In perceiving Space,  we conjure a world.

Can it be that directing our lives

With Love, could be as simple and intrinsic

As that ?

(C) Tobeimean Peter 2011


2 comments on “Graceful

  1. wow …love this one …so simple and clean and yet very deep.

    right up my alley….as perception is what we manifest. That’s as profound as the wholething ever gets.

    Love J

    • Merleau-Ponty thought perception was intentional – that is, we only truly perceived those things that we existentially really need or want to. For him, intention came first and then perception. I suppose this is an argument for the supremacy of Will for some folks, although I might not go that far. For me, Intuition is the key – sort of like headlights on a dark road. Everything else follows – but that still doesn’t account for the interventions of Nature from time to time. Those I think are outside of our powers.

      Happy 2015 Jayne !

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