I’m banging on this can tonight

And the World turns uppity-down,

But there’s rhythm driving it home —

And it’s a very far run.

Embroidered in the fabric

Of awakening — six points;

A triangle, an embrace,

And the resolution

Of a multitude of cycles.

Each moment spins its instance

And is gone.

A sailboat-mast chimes

At mooring underneath

The full moon-glow.

The song of the heart

Is the center.

It is the place

Compassion resides in.

It is the cutting

To make way for new growth.

It is life

Lived in Space and Time.

It is (as it leaps

in ever-changing configurations)

Velocity manifest.

When you open yourself to love,

You step out of your illusions

And here in dusk –

You decide to let things

Appear strange.

You will recognize the fruits

Of earlier lives too. You own

These progressions of events.

(C) Tobeimean Peter 2011


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