We are hurrying

across the land

at nightfall,

And we’re singing

the kind of song

travelers do.

We have a long

history of

overcoming obstacles.

We are weary,

but we are not diminished.

Who could stay us ?

(C) Tobeimean Peter 2011


6 comments on “THE HURRY

    • That’s true. I’m focusing more on the moment of courage or pluck or whatever the heck it’s called, when you decide to go forward in spite of knowing that. Brave or foolhardy or both?

      • Faith…is the courage of things hoped for. Yah!!!! I’m moving forward too. Sounds like a good time in your life Petey

      • Well, I’m still creating towards my Whitney retrospective Jayne. Like Jimmy Cliff said, “They’re puttin’ up resistance, but I know that my faith will lead me on…”

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